Friday, January 11, 2013

A Gentle Reminder . . .

Emma matter of factly explains what she will take to kindergarten as she stuffs dolls and books into her fuzzy pink caterpillar backpack.
Matthew listens attentively and offers advice.
Rachael craws and smiles.
Sometimes reminders come acutely and sting my heart--I know how fast the footprints in the snow melt.  I know that the eager hand I hold now soon won't be in mine.  I know that letters and numbers and sounds become essays and projects. 
And then I look into the eyes of my big boy and see a pure goodness and righteous desire.  Sure hope and faith overcomes that spirit of fear of change.  I look into the eyes of my second boy and see determination and decision.  I look into the eyes of farmboy and see humility and strength. 
And then I look into the innocent eyes of those little ones still mine all day.  These days are heavenly gifts.  I believe in the great expanse of eternity that we will recall these days. 
That will be a happy time . . .

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Karen said...

Your blog is so good! I love reading it. You are so talented and such a good mom!