Monday, March 4, 2013

Matthew and Church
He loves riding Bodacious, playing basketball, and the color orange.
He despises church.
"Today is church day, Matthew."
"I am not going to church today.  It is not church day."
"Matthew, church is fun, you have nice teachers, and it makes Heavenly Father happy."
"But I am not a Mormon."
"Nope, I am not a Mormon, I am Matthew Frank Rees."
I love his bright eyes and funny crooked grins.  He scowls and growls and smiles and jumps and runs and does everything that a little boy should.  He picks up bugs and splashes in puddles and loves his puppy and sisters and the brothers.  I am glad he is mine forever.
"Girls have to not play basketball.  No, they can't play basketball.  Boys have to play basketball."

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Michael Rees said...

What can you say...he is the guy