Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What we do . . .

Summertime begins with the cows, ends with the cows, and is full of cows.

While some families welcome the season of sun with pool parties, we welcome the long days with one of the longest of all . . . the day we work the cows (working cows means branding, immunizing, casterating, sweating, and tagging).

It is a long, dusty, dirty way to herald the sun . . .

Rowdy children

But summertime also means lots of time outside . . .


Swimming lessons

Bike riding

Late nights

Dinner on the deck


Betty and Bego (boating and camping)

Bear lake trips, nights in Promontory

Porch sitting

Hugs and luvs and laughs--welcoming back cousins, tears when we say goodbye . . . again

The Fair

Playing--from early morning til late at night

How nice to have the summer . . .

Princess Emmy Annie

Frankie and Jocey

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Sondra said...

Oh how I love summer and the things that just make it so much fun:)