Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Shafts of crisp autumnal morning light twinkled through the park's golden hued trees. We owned the place--just us. Jared and Emma laughed and giggled as I pushed them around and around the merry-go-round. Their rosy cheeks and twinkly eyes almost burst my heart. Fall smells of crunchy leaves and moist dirt filled the air and my soul. And their sweaters--they even had sweaters on-just added to the perfectness of the moment. If I were an editor for some elite urbanized country magazine, this scene would have graced the cover. But, as usual, I didn't have my camera. And if I had, the batteries would have been dead or the memory card full. Ah, well.

A wise man once said (on more than one occassion) that he just took pictures with his heart. The sacred recesses of our hearts are the best places for perfect moments--moments of eternity-- like the way your new husband's scrubbed hands look on the alter of the temple or the quite hush of hospital rooms with a brand new baby.

Fancy magazines--you can keep your perfectly created moments for your covers, and I'll keep those special ones that just happen--safe in my heart.


Cristi Lou said...

Sue. You have quite a way with words. That was beautifully put. Those little moments are so great aren't they? They're the best treasures. Hope you and your little family are doing well.

Molly said...

I have to agree. There is something that anyone else, besides a mother, just doesn't understand about the "little moments". That's when it is really easy to count your blessings.

Karen Christensen said...

You are a writer! You need to keep it up and then write a book!!! You can be famous and I can brag about my neighbor, the famous author! Your family is lucky to have you in it!

Sondra said...

You said it just right. I am glad that you are back. Iam glad to help you anytime.